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We are no longer installing fiberglass pools.

2021 prices are online on the pricing page. The accessory sheet of what that price includes is on the same page. Please download both. We are no longer installing fiberglass pools. The counties for installations are Stafford, Spotsy, King George, Culpeper, and Orange. If we have already been to your house for a consultation and want to get signed up please email me directly. Since we are so overwhelmed once again and not getting younger. We have decided to only go on apts that give a $1,500 deposit. This deposit will go towards your 10% down pool contract. It will hold the next installation space on our installation calendar. Plus it will give you an apt with Chris. If for any reason at the time of apt that you can't get a pool in the backyard, we will refund the deposit. This is the only way I can filter through the demand for consultation apts request. I'm sorry this is not for everyone. I apologize. As of Feb 16th, lots of people have taken the offer. We are booked up to mid-October 2021. I will try to update the installation calendar on this banner as often as I can. Just remember prices are going up again next year 2022. It's a great opportunity to get your pool in and have all your landscaping done before the 2022 season starts. Please fill out the form and let me know in the comments if you want to take the offer. Liner jobs. I am booked up already for 2021 for liner jobs. If you want to be on a list, fill out the contact form. I will see if anything opens up. Sincerely, Val Adam.